Ashe children need your help

Jesse Campbell, Staff Writer

May 17, 2010

Ashe County needs you! More specifically the 23 percent of Ashe children living below the poverty line need you.
A group of the countys churches is organizing for a special day to help children and ultimately families of those children who are hungry, live in sub-standard housing, lack easy access to books and dental and medical care an just a little bit of fun that they normally dont have.
The event coming up June 5 is called REAPFEST. That is an acronym that means Read Eat Arts Play Families Enjoying Saturday Together.
It began as an initiative of Ashe Countys Methodist churches but has gone beyond that to include other churches and groups that seek to tend to the needs of those without the things that most believe are essential. Things like food, shelter, and a toothbrush.
Time is closing in on the event.
Mailers are to go out to addresses in the county this week informing the residents of the event.
Another immediate need is $3,000 that will be seed money for a grant. The money will be used to pay for the amenities to make the event happen. Books will be a big part of the effort. Dolly Partons Imagination Library is taking part, but the need for books is greater, so money is being sought and so is donation of used books.
The event will offer children the chance to express themselves artistically and meet with some local artist. Storytelling offers the prospect of bringing smiles to faces of Ashe County children.
Parents will have the opportunity to connect with assistance in getting food and healthcare and dental care.
The Hickory Crawdads baseball team will be in town to entertain and practice their talents against Ashe County players.
It is a chance to volunteer to help and a chance to donate to help and a chance to enjoy Community Unity.
It will all take place June 5, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at West Jefferson Memorial Park and Ashe County Library.
To make a donation or become a volunteer, contact West Jefferson United Methodist Church, 246-5292 or P.O. Box 826, West Jefferson, NC 28694.
Lonnie Adamson is Editor/General Manager of the Jefferson Post.