Ashe County Register of Deeds Shirley Wallace retires

James HowellStaff

November 20, 2012

After serving 44 years as the Register of Deeds, Shirley Wallace has announced she will retire on Nov. 30.

“Shirley Wallace has been a remarkable public servant. She has served the citizens of Ashe for 44 years and made vast improvements to the services of the Register of Deeds Office,” said Ashe County Manager Dr. Pat Mitchell.

“We all wish her well and thank her for her dedication. May she have a happy retirement,” said Mitchell.

Wallace said she is retiring so she can spend more time with her son at home after her husband past away two years ago.

“I’ve been thinking about retiring for the past six months, and I think the time is right,” said Wallace.

“I’ve been the Register of Deeds since 1977 when I filled in for Kyle Baldwin after his resignation,” said Wallace.

In 1978, Wallace was officially elected to serve another term, and has been re-elected every election cycle since then, said Wallace.

“I would like to thank the people of Ashe County. Every time I was up for re-election, I was elected by a high margin,” said Wallace.

“I have loved my job and loved serving the people of Ashe.”

Deaett Roten, who has worked with Wallace for 20 years, will fill in as the register of deeds after Wallace leaves. Roten said she is scheduled to be sworn in on Dec. 3.

“She (Wallace) trained me and I hope to continue to run the office the like Shirley and build on what she’s accomplished,” said Roten.