The weekly session of the Ashe County District Court was held Jan

James HowellStaff

January 13, 2013

The weekly session of the Ashe County District Court was held Jan. 10, the honorable Michael Duncan presiding. These decisions were handed down by the court:

Nicholas John Cummings: (T) operating vehicle without insurance — two counts, (T) cancelled/revoked/suspended certificate/tag, cons. (P) no contest, (J) guilty, 30 days suspended, 12 mos. unsupervised probation, $75 fine plus CC.

Christopher J. Medley: (T) operating vehicle without insurance, (P) no contest, PJC, CC

Holly Cecelia Miller: (F) insurance fraud, reduced to (M) attempt to make false statement, (M) false report to police, (P) no contest, PJC, 48 hrs CWS, CC.

Justan Chase Reavis: (T) driving while impaired, (P) no contest, (J) guilty, 6 mos. MCP, 18 mos. unsupervised probation, $400 fine plus CC, 72 hrs CWS.

Crystal Dawn Ward: (T) driving with license revoked, (P) no contest, (J) guilty, 120 days MCP, 18 mos. supervised probation, $100 fine plus CC.

Abbreviations: (M) misdemeanor, (F) felony, (T) traffic violation, (J) judgment, (P) plea, PJC: prayer for judgment continued, 90-96: 1st offense conditional discharge, MCP: Ashe County Sheriffs Office Misdemeanant Confinement Program, ACJ: Ashe County Jail, DOC: N.C. Department of Corrections, CWS: community work service, PO: probation officer, CC: court costs, DL: drivers license, MV: motor vehicle, cons.: charges consolidated