Woman surprises granddaughter with snowman

James HowellStaff

January 20, 2013

A blanket of snow over the High Country doesn’t have to be completely negative and inconvenient; last week’s snow provided a unique opportunity for a local family and their granddaughter who lives over 200 miles away.

Vicki Krueger, a West Jefferson resident, built a snowman for her 11-month-old granddaughter Olivia Hite, who lives in Colombia, S.C. Krueger said her granddaughter has never seen snow before, so after building the snowman, Krueger made sure to send a photograph to Olivia’s parents.

When Olivia sees the photo, it will be the first snowman she’s ever seen.

To build the snowman, Krueger and her husband backed the snow up against their house, and then sculpted the figure. Krueger said she used Pantene Pro-V lids for the snowman’s eyes, pipe cleaner for its mouth, a carrot for its nose, and back scratchers for the snowman’s arms.

Krueger also carved Olivia’s name into the snow and plans to capture and send that image as well.

Krueger said Olivia “is her whole world,” and even though Krueger’s plan to visit Olivia in Colombia today was canceled, the photo will be a nice way to reach out to her granddaughter and present her with a slice of winter in Ashe County.