Pick up a blind date at the library

Dylan LightfootStaff

February 6, 2013

You might be unlucky in love, but you can still get lucky with literature during Blind Date with a Book month at the Ashe County Library.

“You might find true love, or it might be a dud,” said County Librarian Suzanne Moore. “But a book won’t stand you up.”

A couple dozen eligible singles can be found hanging around just inside the library door every day this month — nonchalantly, of course, but definitely putting out the vibe. Anyone adventurous enough to take one of them out might be in for a good time, Moore said.

The books are wrapped in unrevealing brown paper and tastefully accessorized by library staff. Unassuming yet alluring is the best bet for first impressions.

Only the genres of the books are shown — no titles or authors — leaving the reader to discover what’s between the covers.

If “thriller mystery espionage” sounds too racy, why not try “contemporary chick lit” for something more girl-or-boy-next-door. You may want to bring your book around your friends, after all.

Or maybe you’re ready, indeed, for an exciting, perhaps somewhat harrowing “paranormal vampire romance”? Go for it — how long are you going to be dead, anyway?

A “Rate Your Date” card is slipped between the pages of each blind date book as a bookmark. Readers who fill out the card and hand it in when dropping off their blind date will be entered in a drawing to win “a special gift,” Moore said.

Blind Date with a Book runs through the end of February.