TV program focuses on Moonshiners in Ashe County

James HowellStaff

February 8, 2013

Last night at 8 p.m., SkyBest TV channels 1 and 801 aired an original cable series that delved into the people responsible for establishing moonshine as a tradition in Ashe County.

The program, called “Visions of Ashe: Moonshine,” was produced by St. Germain Media Services in association with SkyBest Communications.

The program focused on the motivations of the Scotch-Irish immigrants who settled the area for its cheap land. The immigrants brought with them their traditions, including their music and their whisky.

“Every mountain holler probably had at least one fiddle player and at least one moonshine still; the two went hand and hand,” said the program’s narrator.

“Visions of Ashe: Moonshine” is a must-see for anyone intrigued by the history of Ashe County.