Local woman rescued from flood

James HowellStaff

February 10, 2013

During the heavy flooding last Wednesday, two brave young men assisted a woman through high waters to safety, and she would like to thank them.

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, at approximately 6 p.m., Cynthia Poe, 21, was driving home from work on Lower Nettle Knob when her car began to hydroplane into water that was three foot deep.

After her truck became trapped, Poe began calling different people, trying to find someone to tow her truck out of the deep water. Before she knew it, two young men began making their way toward her through the deep water.

“These two guys jumped into water that was three foot deep and waded towards me for 20 or 30 yards,” said Poe.

Poe said the two were very accommodating. Neither one cared about water spilling into their truck, and they gave Poe a blanket and jacket to stay warm.

One of the mystery men has now been identified as Lane Jones, and the other man is only known by his first name, Kevin. The pair drove Poe to the 163 Grocery Store to call for a towing service to fetch Poe’s submersed truck.

Poe was assisted out of a bad situation and eventually made it home later that night thanks to the efforts of Jones and Kevin.

“I really want to thank them,” said Poe.