Ashe Wildlife Club hosting shotgun shoot

Dylan LightfootStaff

March 24, 2013

The Ashe County Wildlife Club is sponsoring a 50-50-50- $50 Shotgun Shoot on Saturday, March 30 starting at 9 a.m.

Each shooter will shoot 50 rounds of skeet, trap and sporting clays with an entry fee of $50. At the end of the day, three names will be drawn from all of the shooters participating.

The top scoring shooter of those three names wins $2.25 of each entry fee from everyone who shoots that day; the second highest scoring shooter of the three drawn wins $1.75 of each entry fee; and the third highest scoring shooter wins $1 of each entry fee. That means even the most inexperienced shooter has the same chance of winning the money drawing as the most skilled shooter.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the 50-50-50-$50 Shotgun Shoot, which is a fund raiser for the club. Shooters do not have to be members of the Ashe County Wildlife Club to attend this event.

In fact, new shooters wishing to try the varying sports of skeet, trap and sporting clays do not have to own their own shotgun. Some shotguns should be available that day for new shooters to borrow. New shooters should bring 150 rounds of their own shotgun shells (numbers 7.5, 8 or 9 shot, but nothing larger than 7.5), or boxes will be available for sale that day from the Club at $7 a box.

Skeet and trap are similar sports of shooting at orange clay targets flying through the air from various angles. Sporting clays is shooting at two clays in quick succession with one clay sometimes bouncing along the ground to resemble a running rabbit, or both clays flying through the air like low-flying birds.

The Ashe County Wildlife Club shooting range is at 3260 Big Peak Creek Road, Laurel Springs, N.C.

Visitors turn off of N.C. 88, about 12 miles east of Jefferson, at the N.C. Department of Agriculture Experimental Farm, onto Big Peak Creek Road then drive about three miles to the club. (Coming from U.S. 221, Big Peak Creek Road is S.J. Gentry Road, but becomes Big Peak Creek Road.)