Days double dip with new business

James HowellStaff

April 3, 2013

After the success of Good Ole Days, an ice cream shop located on Jefferson Avenue, owners Gwyn and Janet Day decided to expand their successful formula to a new restaurant/shop called the Candy Shack.

The Candy Shack has an atmosphere of and old mercantile that focuses on candy, but like Good Ole Days, the Candy Shack also serves hamburgers, hot dogs, and of course, ice cream. However, the Candy Shacks menu is a little more extensive.

“We’ve got more room here, we can offer more seating, and have a larger menu as far as food goes,” said Gwyn about the Candy Shack.

The Candy Shack will also offer real fruit smoothies, non-alcoholic drinks, salads, snack foods and sandwiches.

Gwyn said he isn’t worried about the candy shack stealing business from the couple’s first business, Good Ole Days.

“There’s enough differences that I don’t think it’ll hurt it (Good Ole Days),” said Gwyn.

One of the main differences between the two shops is the number of ice cream flavors.

“We only have about eight or nine flavors of ice cream here vs. the 30-some offered at Good Ole Days,”

Gwyn said he wants Good Ole Days to be a true ice cream shop with a simple menu (only hamburgers and hot dogs), while the Candy Shack will have the feel of a cafe/mercantile.

Another difference between the two shops will be the live music offered on weekends at the Candy Shack, where locals will be able to showcase their talent.

“We’re offering that to anyone, anywhere at any time. We’ve got a lot of hidden talent around here,” said Gwyn.

Not only will live music give tourists a flavor of the music tradition found in the Appalachian Mountains, it should also be a way to bring a younger crowd into the shop. One of Gwyn and Janet’s goals is to make the Candy Shack a place for teenagers to hang out in a family-friendly environment.

“I’m really hoping the young people figure this place out,” said Gwyn. “We want them to feel welcome here.”

To make a comfortable environment for teens, Gwyn plans on making a suggestion box for teens to voice their input.

“I want suggestions from the young people letting us know what they would like this place to become,” said Gwyn.

As the Candy Shack grows, the owners have already thought of ways to add to the overall experience. This summer, the couple plans on adding a deck for outdoor dining. Also, the owners have considered adding a karaoke machine, a wifi Internet connection, and televisions.

The Candy Shack is located on Jefferson Avenue, and opens at 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday, and at noon on Sunday. According to Gwyn, the couple hasn’t decided on an exact closing time yet, but laid out a tentative schedule.

The Candy Shack will probably close at 7 p.m. on Monday through Thursday and also on Sunday. Gwyn said they will keep the Candy Shack open until everyone clears out on Friday and Saturday.

The Candy Shack is using the same employees as Good Ole Days, and Gwyn and Janet have hired three more since the Candy Shack first opened two weekends ago.