Thanks offered for patriotism program at church

July 15, 2013

Dear editor,

On Sunday July 7, our church (Faith Fellowship) was treated to the most heartfelt rendering of patriotism I have ever witnessed. Generation Excellent, home school choir of Ashe County, performed a special program, produced and directed by Mrs. Pam Miller, brought to us a capsulized history of the greatness of our America. The emphasis was America was great, is great, and can be greater.

The performance can not be described adequately in the written word and must be seen to fully appreciate its impact.

Each of the young persons in the drama was well prepared and projected the spirit of patriotism that demonstrated they were not only great actors/actresses but believed what they were portraying.

There have been times when I have saluted the flag out of duty and did not feel the pride I once had, but not this day. I was once again filled with the thankfulness and joy of living in a country that so many served and so many died to keep us free.

Thank you Pam, Jeff, and Generation Excellent for giving me a special opportunity to say God Bless America.

Kershaw Getty