Ashe District Court decisions

July 18, 2013

The weekly session of the Ashe County District Court was held July 11, the honorable James Honeycutt presiding. These decisions were handed down by the court:

Paul Allen Smith II: Level III: (M) possession of drug paraphernalia, (P) no contest, (J) guilty, 45 days ACJ active, credit time served.

Michael Gwyn Mash: Level IV: (F) possession of methamphetamine, (P) guilty, (J) guilty, 4-14 months DAC active sentence at request of defendant, credit time served.

Anthony Frank Mendoza: (M) possession of marijuana up to 1/2 ounce, (P) guilty, (J) guilty, 90-96, 6 months supervised probation, CC.

Thomas Andrew Parker: Level II: (T) driving with license revoked, (P) no contest, (J) guilty, 45 days ACJ suspended, 12 months unsupervised probation, $50 fine plus CC.

Joseph Dean Wilcox: Level III: (M) assault with a deadly weapon — two counts, (M) communicating threats — cons., (P) guilty, (J) guilty, 150 days DAC active, credit time served.

Thomas Arthur Wyatt: Level III: (M) larceny, (P) not guilty, (J) guilty, 45 days ACJ suspended, 18 months supervised probation, 24 hours CWS, $100 fine plus CC, stay away from Walmart.

Abbreviations: (F) felony; (M) misdemeanor; (T) traffic violation; (I) infraction; (P) plea; (J) judgment; PJC: prayer for judgment continued; 90-96: 1st offense conditional discharge; MCP: Misdemeanant Confinement Program; ACJ; Ashe County Jail; DOC: N.C. Department of Corrections; DAC: Division of Adult Corrections; CRV: confinement in response to violation; CWS: community work service; CC: pay court costs; cons.: charges consolidated