Ashe property revaluation cycle begins

July 22, 2013

Ashe County is beginning another four-year property revaluation cycle Tax Administrator Keith Little said Thursday.

Little and his team of three assessors are now “ankle deep” in the process of determining property tax values for each of the county’s 39,000 parcels, he said.

Revaluation of Ashe County’s estimated $3.6 billion in real estate takes a year and a half to complete.

“We’re not making an attempt to talk to property owners, but we are visiting properties,” he said. “You may see us on the road in your neighborhood, or circling the block.”

Property owners will know the assessors by the county seals and orange permanent tags on their vehicles, and their county ID badges, he said. Assessors will be doing revaluations on a regular 8-5 p.m. Monday through Friday schedule.

“We do get calls from time to time,” Little said. Property owners can call 336-845-5554 to confirm if an assessor is working in their area.

At the July 15 Ashe County Board of Comissioners meeting, Little reported that fiscal year 2013 property tax revenues had exceeded projections by $280,000.

Projections are based on the previous fiscal year’s revenues, he said.