Jefferson BOA schedules zoning hearing

July 25, 2013

In a brief July regular meeting, the Jefferson Board of Aldermen scheduled a pubic hearing for the rezoning of property on West Main Street.

The property adjacent to Auto Express at 608 W. Main St., owned by David Miller, will be zoned for commercial use following a public hearing at the board’s next regular meeting Aug. 15.

Last month, board consensus was for fast-tracking the rezoning process, citing a lack of available commercial parcels in Jefferson, and the property in question, currently zoned residential, is already surrounded by commercially-zoned lots.

Town Manager Cathy Howell said the power steering had gone out on a Jefferson Police Department patrol car, and that an officer had been driving the vehicle pending repair or replacement. Due to high mileage on the unit and mounting cost of repairs, a new police car would be ordered soon, Howell said.

Purchase of a new patrol car had been put off until closure of the town’s fiscal year 2012-13 budget, she said.

Alderman Junior Anderson made mention of a derelict Ford Explorer confiscated by the Jefferson Police Department that had been moved near the water tower some years ago, and had since been damaged by a falling tree. A Jefferson resident expressed interest in buying the vehicle for spare parts, and offered the town $100 for it, he said.

Howell said a few more dollars might be made from the sale if the Explorer was opened up for other bidders. Alderman Mark Johnston agreed, but said that a stipulation should be made: the buyer must take the whole vehicle, not just the parts they want.

Mayor Dana Tugman, citing health problems, said there was a “very real possibility” he may not be able to represent Jefferson at the High Country Council of Governments in the near future or long-term. The board moved to appoint Johnston as alternate representative, and Alderman Charles Caudill as sub-alternate.