Ashe County Court disposition

August 15, 2013

The weekly session of the Ashe County District Court was held Aug. 8, with the Honorable James Honeycutt presiding.

These decisions were handed down by the court:

Tracey Melinda Baker: (T) operating vehicle with no insurance. (P) guilty. (J) PJC. CC.

Frederick K. Britt: (T) fail to comply license restrictions, (I) exceeding safe speed – cons., (P) guilty (J) guilty CC.

Nathaniel Ryan Caffey: (T) operate vehicle with no insurance (P) no contest (J) 30 days suspended, six months unsupervised probation. $25 plus CC.

Nicholas Ethan Mahala: (M) misdemeanor larceny (P) no contest (J) 15 days suspended, six months unsupervised probation, ordered to stay away from Walmart. 124 hours CWS. $225.

Lesley Ann Peralia: (I) speeding. (P) RS (J) guilty $50 plus CC.

Michael L Reed: (F) obtain property under false pretense (P) no contest (J) guilty. five-15 months DAC. 18 months supervised probation. $200 plus CC. Must remain employed, not possess any firearms and submit to DNA testing.

Dakota Michael Sharpe: (M) misdemeanor probation violation – three counts. (P) guilty (J) remain on probation. Six hours CWS before Aug. 20,2013.

Andrea Dawn Sheets: (M) misdemeanor larceny (P) guilty (J) PJC for six months. Not go into Walmart for six months. CC.

John Robert Stuerwald: (M) possession of drug paraphernalia (P) no contest (J) guilty. 45 days suspended, one year unsupervised probation. $50 plus CC. Contraband must be destroyed.

Abbreviations: (F) felony; (M) misdemeanor; (T) traffic violation; (I) infraction; (P) plea; (J) judgment; PJC: prayer for judgment continued; 90-96: 1st offense conditional discharge; MCP: Misdemeanant Confinement Program; ACJ; Ashe County Jail; DOC: N.C. Department of Corrections; DAC: Division of Adult Corrections; CRV: confinement in response to violation; CWS: community work service; CC: pay court costs; cons.: charges consolidated