Writer proposes additional school security officers

September 4, 2013

Dear Editor,

To all parents, today I dropped my child in elementary off for classes.

Like all mornings, our local law enforcement officer was one of the people helping the children out of the cars. What a welcome sight his presence was. Today ,he was the person whom opened the door for my child. He spoke kindly and I was quick to say thank you for the job he does.

The comfort he provides me as a parent allows me to go about my day knowing my child is safe and secure. He replied to my thank you with thanks for saying so and it was not often he heard those words.

Then I told him it was comforting to a parent to know he was there. His reply asked me to let the county commissioners know how I felt for it was up to them if he is to remain in place or not.

So this is my first, but certainly not my last, attempt to implore our county commissioners to please continue this safeguard for our children. One officer in each school cannot be at every entrance at the same time and I think two, possibly three, officers would not be too many.

As I know funding is an issue with every aspect of our lives, the extra officers could be a problem to supply. But I feel it is worth the effort to try and see that this need is addressed.

I certainly like to feel tucked away here in our lovely mountains. We are safe and secure, but the ugly truth is that it is only a dream and hope of us all. We are as likely as any place to be impacted by a school tragedy. If we wait to address this issue after the fact, we could never forgive ourselves for not doing all we can to prevent it.

The families that would be affected would never forgive us as a community for our haphazard manner in which we had gone about this.

So county commissioners you have done a great thing by placing an officer in our schools and please continue to do so. If at all possible, I implore you to expand this great service.

Anyone with a child in school today are looking with blinders if they do not see the need for this position.

Parents the next chance you have to thank your local school officer please do so for the child he might save if ever called to do so just might be yours. To everyone involved with these officers being in place I thank you with a grateful heart. To each and every officer that stands guard at the school entrance to guard my child and yours against the evils of this time I SALUTE YOU.

Thank you.

A very appreciative parent,

Tony Stone