West Jefferson TDA discusses network advertising

Wil Petty Staff Writer

September 23, 2013

The West Jefferson Tourism Development Authority on Thursday discussed using cable television as a way to promote the town.

A representative from Mountain Television Network, based in Boone, came to talk about the different options the channel had for community advertising.

“Our doors are open in terms of supporting the community,” Dan Brooks, salesperson for the channel said.

Mountain Television Network covers 22 counties in Tennessee and North Carolina, as well as one in Florida. Brooks said the network is partnered with 14 different television groups and reaches around two million people.

Also, the channel provides a live feed online at

Brooks said the current plans for running commercials would be $250 a month, for 100 ads per month for a half-year. Production would be covered and the takes would be given to the TDA for online promotion.

Town manager Brantley Price said the main goal of what West Jefferson would want to promote is its walkable downtown.

Similar advertisements have been done for Lenoir and Foscoe.

Commercials can be used to promote different events in West Jefferson. Transition spots are already being sold to businesses for the commercial transitions.

Other opportunities to promote the town would also be available through Mountain Television Network.

“We have a lunch time show which we welcome the community on to,” Brooks said. “If you let us know within two weeks, we can usually accommodate you.”

The show would allow between eight and 12 minutes for board members to promote West Jefferson on live television. It would then be shown five more times.

If the board approves running the advertisements through Mountain Television Network, the ads could start running as soon as late October or early November.