Advice offered for Ashe Co. Commissioner Price

October 14, 2013

Poor little Gerald Price, isn’t it a shame, he is unemployed and thinks everybody owes him something. Well Ashe County you put him in the office as county commissioner. Maybe some of you who voted for him can start a fund to help him in this crisis.

He has mocked our county, sheriff’s office and our legal system with this ungodly mess. I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing and seeing his pitiful face on the computer and in the papers. People stop playing his stupid games. The more attention he gets the more he wants. He’s just like a small child who does not get its way, whining and crying everyone has treated him unfairly. Someone needs to spank his butt, put a dry diaper on him, give him a bottle so he will shut up.

Why is he any different from the rest of us who has to pay our bills. And don’t start that stupid mess about being a “Sovereign Citizen.” According to my bible a Christian is to be Christ-like. So Mr. Price, pick up a KJV bible read it and tell me where you fit into the picture. If you want to do something about this mess, realize how foolish this makes you look and stop it.

Someone who holds a public office should try and set an example for others. Is this a picture you want to paint of yourself to the ones who trusted you enough to vote you in this office? It takes a lot longer to build your reputation than it does to destroy it, so stop this pitiful outcry for attention, and act like a public official who is willing to work to help our county go forward.

Remember, you have to answer to the citizens when it’s time to run again. Are you sure you want to run on your reputation now? I’m sorry, but I would absolutely not vote for you or any of the Republican candidates that hold this office. And dag-burn, I’m a Republican and it’s a shame to say it, but the leadership we have now does not represent how our county should be run.

Candy Blevins