Lansing Board discusses snow removal plan

Wil Petty Staff Writer

October 17, 2013

The Lansing Board of Aldermen, in its monthly meeting, discussed updating its annual snow removal contract.

Annual snowfall requires all cities in the area to have snow removal. In its Oct. 14 meeting, Alderman Dylan Lightfoot introduced a contract before the board.

“(The winning contract) should be an hourly bid and it has to be obtained through an open bid invitation,” he said. “(The contract) also has to have the approval of the board.”

The removal contract would require the contractor to remove the snow and ice, keep the precipitation away from fire lanes and pile the snow where the town directed.

The town would require the contractor to come and remove the snow by 5:30 a.m. whenever snowfall overnight accumulated over four inches. Last year, the city used snow removal services twice.

The contract prices can be determined in either an hourly bid or occurrence bid. Mayor George Rembert said the contract brought before the board showed an $100 per hour contract or $1,000 per occurrence.

Rembert also questioned the necessity of the salt and sand costs in the contract, saying he didn’t feel the town could afford the expenses.

“We can ask for salt and sand on an as needed basis,” he said. “It doesn’t need to be said that they must do it every time.”

Board member Michelle Slaton questioned what would happen if there was a debate over the snowfall amount.

“Do we need some dispute resolution agreement in the contract?,” she said.

The board agreed that the four inch mark would be determined by sticking a yardstick in the grass beside the Lansing Volunteer Fire Department.

Lightfoot said there will need to be a distinction between public liability and property damage liability.

A vote on the contract is scheduled to take place at its next meeting.

First Citizens Bank, which closed its Lansing office last year, offered a proposal for investment products for the town.

“There’s a ton of cash in this community,” Rembert said. “They left because of personnel.”

The next meeting of the board will take place on Monday, Nov. 4 at the Lansing Town Hall. The meeting will not be held on the second Saturday in November because of Veteran’s Day.

In other action taken by the board:

• Discussed fixing the tiles on the walking trail at the Lansing Creeper Trail Park.

• Gave permission for Goodwill to place a power pole beside its trailer.

• Discussed placing a metal building within the town to keep supplies.

• In attendance were: Lansing Mayor George Rembert, Beth Johnson Bernice Prestwood, Jack Brown, Brenda Reeves, Michelle Slaton and Dylan Lightfoot. Mauvine Shepard was not in attendance.