Waste contractor announces changes to trash pick-up

Dylan Lightfoot Staff Writer

October 31, 2013

The Jefferson Board of Aldermen Monday met with the town’s new waste management contractor Republic Services, who announced changes to the trash pick-up schedule.

Known locally as GDS Waste Management, Republic “recently acquired High Country Waste Solutions as of Oct. 1. We’re picking up the trash now and have been for several weeks,” said Division Manager Jeff McRee.

“Our company’s committed to providing the best service possible, and I’m personally committed to making sure you get the best service,” McRee said.

Republic Services held Jefferson’s waste management contract 4 years ago, before buying HCWS this year. “The transition’s been fairly smooth. I know we’ve got to re-learn you again,” he said.

McRee announced upcoming changes to the pick-up schedule: residential trash and recycling will be picked up Monday mornings, and “hand pick-up” business trash will be collected Wednesday mornings.

New theater, community center opening

Beth Dixon announced the opening of a theater and community development center at 513 East Main St., at some time during the holiday season this year.

“It will be called Olde Towne Cinema and Art House,” Dixon said.

“I’m in the process also of creating a foundation called the Aperture Foundation, where we will be focusing light on culture, commerce and community,” she said.

This has been a dream of mine to do this kind of thing for about 15 years, and I would like to do it here,” she said. “I hope that this will serve as a catalyst for continued growth in Jefferson — growth not necessarily in size, but in terms of energy.”

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Alderman Mark Johnston. “We all know entrepreneurs are the way of increasing jobs in this county…and I think it will be a good asset to the town.

Thanks from OTJBA

Stacy Maye of the Olde Town Jefferson Business Association expressed gratitude to the board for their assistance with the town’s inaugural Oktoberfest celebration on Oct. 26.

“I just want to thank the town for the help Saturday,” Maye said. “The support from the town, getting the road closed, and all that, thank you for that.”

Planning for 2014’s event will begin in the coming weeks, she said. “We’ll be looking at what we can change and grow.”

“You did a great job of organizing,” said Johnston. “Your enthusiasm is contagious.”

Other business

West Jefferson Mayor Dale Baldwin will be replacing Jefferson Mayor Dana Tugman as the representative for Ashe County’s three municipalities on the Region D Development Corporation Rural Transportation Coordination Committee.

Town Manager Cathy Howell said paving and pot hole repair projects were continuing as long as suitable weather continues.

Howell announced Jefferson a bid opening Monday, Nov. 3, for contractors to build the town’s new maintenance building.