Cash Mob ASHE begins winter season in Lansing

Wil Petty Staff Writer

November 22, 2013

As tourism season in the county winds down, the Cash Mob ASHE returns this weekend to support Lansing businesses.

“Cash Mob is a national movement,” said organizer Nancy Shannon. “It supports buying local and it’s where you use social media to gather people together and meet up at one business. You mob the store and spend your money at a locally-owned business.”

At 11 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 23, the mob will be in Lansing to support three businesses.

The first stop will be at Rose Mountain Butcher Shop, then the mob will go to Bee Natural Organic Salon. To cap the day off, the mob will then eat lunch at Pie on the Mountain.

Shannon said all three businesses will have discounts and specials for the mob. Rose Mountain Butcher Shop will offer a discount on ground pork while Bee Natural will offer a 50 percent discount on crystals and stones.

Pie on the Mountain will offer a Cash Mob special on a soup and sandwich meal.

This will be the mob’s first gathering since April. Cash Mob ASHE started in January of this year.

“We did our first Cash Mob in Lansing,” Shannon said. “We visited the Lansing Grocery Store and Pie on the Mountain.”

From there the mob has also hosted events in Jefferson and West Jefferson.

During the summer, there were no events because the county’s businesses are strong during those months.

“We took the summer off,” Shannon said. “The rationale behind that is in the summertime our local economy is infused with tourism dollars.”

Shannon said after the leaf looker season has finished the tourism in the county starts to slow down. Because of that, the mob works to support the local businesses during the winter.

“This mob is nonpartisan and has no political affiliation,” Shannon said. “We are just a bunch of Ashe County people who want to support our neighbors.”

The group continues to grow through means of social media. During previous mobs, as many as 25 people have organized to buy local.

“The Cash Mob is all about supporting the local business,” Shannon said.