Your life may depend on your vote

December 18, 2013

Dear editor,

Well, once again your non-representing Representative has sold you down the river and chances are, you know nothing about it…so I’m going to tell it to you straight.

Each year, our Congress votes on a military budget that’s called the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This year’s bill is titled, ‘H.R. 1960’ for fiscal year 2014. It includes monies for all sorts of things across various branches and departments…some secret, some not.

The problem is that this NDAA bill is well over a thousand pages…and within it are all sorts of nefarious items that get snuck in by groups or individuals with an agenda.

A couple years ago, there was language in the bill that gives absolute power to the President to do things that violate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, namely he can assassinate anyone, anywhere and for any reason he sees fit…even an American citizen on U.S. soil…without Congressional approval or any oversight whatsoever.

With a word, he can have YOU kidnapped and held forever in a secret prison without a lawyer or charges…all the government needs is a suspicion and you will simply “disappear”.

There are many other treasonous acts allowed in the language of this bill, and Virginia Foxx voted in favor of it without even reading what’s in it. Does she represent you and your views? I didn’t think so.

Please remember this when it’s time to vote. Your life may literally depend on it.

Brian Canfield