Wrestlers battle at Alleghany

Nathan Ham Sports Writer

December 19, 2013

Ashe County took part in four matches on Saturday at the Alleghany Duals and came away with one win and three losses.

Ashe 48, Grayson County 23

106: Dustin Cooper (Grayson) defeated Caleb Cooper (Ashe) by a 17-2 technical fall.

113: Cody Kirk (Grayson) won via forfeit.

120: Bodi Miller (Ashe) pinned Jacob Hale (Grayson) at 4:46.

126: Brady Buchanan (Ashe) pinned Dakota Ross in 15 seconds.

132: Joshua Howard (Grayson) won via forfeit.

138: No match

145: Matthew Hamilton (Ashe) pinned Jose Sanchez Garcia (Grayson) at 1:29

152: Hunter Argetsinger (Ashe) pinned Jacob Ewell (Grayson) at 1:15.

160: Michael Elliott (Ashe) pined William Lawrence (Grayson) at 4:17.

170: Clay Anders (Grayson) won via forfeit.

182: No match

195: Joshua Hamilton (Ashe) won via forfeit.

220: Shawn Baker (Ashe) won via forfeit.

285: Mitchell Brown (Ashe) won via forfeit.

West Lincoln 65, Ashe 15

106: Austin Sneed (West) pinned Cooper (Ashe) in 53 seconds.

113: Bailey Thomas (West) won via forfeit.

120: Robbie Hallman (West) pinned Miller (Ashe) at 1:10.

126: Dillon Morris (West) pinned Buchanan (Ashe) at 3:15.

132: Nathan Ward (West) won via forfeit.

138: Ivan McCormick (West) won via forfeit.

145: M. Hamilton (Ashe) pinned Nate Mault (West) at 1:03.

152: Dustin Headrick (West) defeated Argetsinger (Ashe) by a 15-0 technical fall.

160: Elliott (Ashe) pinned Hunter Turner (West) at 1:54.

170: Shawn Morrison (West) won via forfeit.

182: Matthew Poteat (West) won via forfeit.

195: Mack George (West) pinned Trajan Wellington (Ashe) in 11 seconds.

220: Baker (Ashe) defeated Dawson Warlick (West) by a 4-0 decision.

285: Andres Gonzalez (West) pinned Brown (Ashe) at 2:44.

Galax 39, Ashe 30

106: Timothy Beamis (Galax) pinned Cooper (Ashe) at 4:25.

113: No match

120: Miller (Ashe) won via forfeit.

126: Brandon McMillian (Galax) pinned Buchanan (Ashe) at 2:25.

132: No match

138: Malik Robinson (Galax) won via forfeit.

145: M. Hamilton (Ashe) pinned Seth Boyles (Galax) at 1:45.

152: Jonathan Reyna (Galax) defeated Argetsinger (Ashe) by a 14-7 decision.

160: Elliott (Ashe) pinned Jack Vaughn (Galax) at 1:46.

170: Jeremy Jennings (Galax) won via forfeit.

182: David Glass (Galax) won via forfeit.

195: J. Hamilton (Ashe) pinned Tebreen Bryson (Galax) at 3:13.

220: Caleb Spurlin (Galax) pinned Wellington (Ashe) in 29 seconds.

285: Brown (Ashe) pinned Noah Burcham (Galax) at 1:01.

Bandys 42, Ashe 39

106: Cooper (Ashe) won via forfeit.

113: John Foster (Bandys) won via forfeit.

120: Miller (Ashe) pinned Zachary Miller (Bandys) at 3:10.

126: Buchanan (Ashe) pinned Brayden Aysta (Bandys) in 16 seconds.

132: Blake Teague (Bandys) won via forfeit.

138: Trevor Lail (Bandys) won via forfeit.

145: M. Hamilton (Ashe) defeated Timothy Lunsford (Bandys) by a 4-2 decision.

152: Jevon McCorkle (Bandys) pinned Argetsinger (Ashe) at 2:29.

160: Elliott (Ashe) won via forfeit.

170: Andrew Brotherton (Bandys) won via forfeit.

182: Rhett Starnes (Bandys) won via forfeit.

195: Jeff Tuckey (Bandys) pinned J. Hamilton (Ashe) at 4:28.

220: Baker (Ashe) won via forfeit.

285: Brown (Ashe) won via forfeit.