UPDATE: more candidates across state file for Ashe districts

Wil Petty

February 10, 2014

Today, additional candidates have filed for elected positions throughout the state..

U.S. Representative Virginia Foxx (R-N.C. 5) will have at least one primary challenger, as Republican Philip Doyle of Clemmons filed today, according to the N.C. Board of Elections. Foxx refiled on Monday, Feb. 10 at the Watauga Board of Elections.

Devon Houck, Deputy Director of the Ashe County Board of Elections said no one filed today, Feb. 11.

On the first day of election filing at the Ashe County Courthouse, 13 candidates signed up for different positions for the 2014 election season, according to the Ashe County Board of Elections.

Filing began Monday, Feb. 10 and will run through Friday, Feb. 28. Primaries will be held on Tuesday, May 6 and the general election will occur, Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Filing Monday, Feb. 10 in Ashe County were the following:

Ashe Board of Commissioners:

Judy Porter Poe (R) — incumbent

William Sands (R) — incumbent

Richard Blackburn (D)

Lynn Graham (D)

Cabot Hamilton (D)

Mickey Pruitt (R)

Jeff Rose (R)

The candidates are up for three spots held by Commissioners Poe, Sands and Gerald Price.

Price was elected to the Board in 2012, but according to Devon Houck, Deputy Director of the Ashe County Board of Elections, three commissioner spots are up for each election. Who ever finishes third in the election wins a two-year position to the Board.

Price finished third in that election behind Commissioners Gary Roark and Larry Rhodes.

Clerk of Court:

Pam W. Barlow (R) — incumbent

Register of Deeds:

Deaett R. Roten (D) — incumbent

Phyllis Critcher (R)


James Williams (D) — incumbent

Chris Welch (R)

Tim Winters (R)

In addition, Judge Michael D. Duncan filed for superior court judge in Judicial District 23, which covers Ashe County, as well as Alleghany, Wilkes and Yadkin counties. Tom E. Homer (R-Wilkes) has filed for District Attorney for District 23.

According to the N.C. Board of Elections filing list, Sue Counts (D-Boone) filed today for N.C. Representative District 93 while Joshua Brannon (D-Vilas) filed for N.C. Senate District 45. Both districts cover Ashe County.

Ashe County’s N.C. Representative position is held by Jonathan Jordan, while the county’s N.C. Senate position is held by Dan Soucek. Both are Republican.

Two Republicans have filed for the U.S. Senate seat held by Kay Hagan (D-NC). They are: Mark Harris of Raleigh and Ted Alexander of Shelby.

In a Feb. 1 interview with Houck, she said applicants would have to pay a 1 percent filing fee of the base salary of the position they apply for.

As more information comes out about election filings, we will keep you updated.

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