Jordan files for third term in N.C. House

Wil Petty

February 24, 2014

Representative Jonathan Jordan (R-Ashe) filed for re-election Friday morning at the Ashe County Board of Elections.

“I am reapplying for the job based on my record, and I am pleased to compare my record to any challenger,” Jordan said in a release.

The district he represents, N.C. House District 93, includes all of Ashe and Watauga counties. If elected, this will be Jordan’s third term in the General Assembly.

“We have done a lot of things down there in the short time we’ve have been there,” Jordan said. “We inherited quite a mess. When I first went in 2011, we heard that we were going to have a $3 billion deficit that we had to find a way to fix.”

According to a release from Jordan’s office, he served as Co-Chair of a Judiciary Committee in the last session.

For this session, Jordan said he will continue focusing on education funding as well as salaries for state employees, highway patrolmen and teachers.

“The economy is improving slowly,” he said. “We should have more resources available.”

Jordan said he would continue serving his constituents and local issues for the upcoming session.

In a speech before his supporters prior to filing, Jordan addressed the issue of education directly.

“You hear that North Carolina is 48th in the nation in education, and that’s not true,” he said. “If you talk about what I have a vote on, which is the state budget, we are eighth in the nation as far as state support for education. About 58 percent of all education funds come from the state. Most states don’t do that.”

Jordan said if the state dropped down to the national average of state support, there would likely be a property tax increase across N.C. to provide the funding.

“We have voted for more education funding this year than ever before in the history of North Carolina,” he said.

Locally, Jordan said he has fought to keep small school supplemental funds flowing in Ashe.

In the last session of the General Assembly, Jordan was the sponsor of seven bills which were passed into law. Those include H533 which allows private police at area hospitals to lawfully detain involuntary commitments transported by local law enforcement and H269 which expands a program which provides educational scholarships to children with disabilities allowing families to meet those special needs.

“When those officers bring involuntary commitments to the hospital, they don’t have to stay there the whole time,” Jordan said. “We want them patrolling the community. We have so few as it is.”

In addition, Jordan was recognized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) as a “2013 Legislative Champion.”

As of press time, one other candidate, Sue Counts (D-Watauga) has filed for District 93.

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