Ashe native releases gospel album in honor of late sister

Wil Petty

March 18, 2014

Lansing native Rob Miller has released his debut album, and did so in honor of his younger sister.

“We planned to do an album together,” Miller said. “When she passed, I decided this was something I needed to do.”

The Album, “I Just Want to Thank You Lord,” was released by Boone-based Shake a Leg Records. The company, aside from recording gospel also produces electronic, psychedelic, rock and country and produced Miller’s album in December.

While the album was released by a record label, Miller said he doesn’t plan to become famous.

“I’m not looking to be a major singer,” Miller said. “For me, music is a hobby and something I like doing in my free time.”

Miller said his music is in the traditional, Appalachian gospel form. He learned how to sing that style of music through his childhood neighbor, who was a music teacher and Baptist song leader, Walter Graham.

“It was the music I was raised on,” he said. “It has always been an important part of me.”

Music has long been part of Miller’s life. He said he started singing in church at the age of 9 and by the age of 16 was leading the church choir. He learned to sing by using a tuning fork to find his pitch and would sing a capella.

“I started writing my own songs when I was 23,” Miller said.

The album has 18 songs with three of them being ones he wrote. Miller said he has plenty of his own material to write for future albums.

“I would like to do another album soon,” he said.

Miller said the album took about six weeks to produce.

Some of the traditional songs gospel fans man recognize on the album include: “I’m Moving Up Home Someday,” “Harvest Time” and “Where the Shades of Love Lie Deep.”

Before singing solo, Miller sang with his sister, Brenda and also performed with the Messengers Trio and the Gospel Four Quartet of Ashe County, where he sang soprano.

During that time he performed on West Jefferson radio, as well as WCYB-TV in Bristol, Tenn., and the Arthur Smith Talent Show, where the quartet was recognized as being an “outstanding gospel group.”

Miller said the label had approximately 300 albums produced and he had already sold half of them. They are available for $10.

For more information on Miller’s album or to schedule him to perform at your church or event, call (336) 384-4375 and leave a message.

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