Clayton Procter’s artwork awarded ‘best in show’ at recent gallery opening

April 24, 2014

Local artist Clayton Proctor received the art award of “Best In Show” at the annual Northwest Artist’s League’s art competition in North Wilkesboro. The opening reception was held on April 11, where show juror Raney Rogers spoke to the large crowd of artists and guests alike and announced the competition winners.

Rogers spoke of how she juried this particular show and what she was looking for in making her final decisions. After perusing the shows entries three times, she began to be drawn to certain works for various reasons. Some works exuded an emotional feel while others were more technical, spiritual or didactic.

Procter’s very large, almost collage-like art work entitled ”The Door ” stood out amongst the other pieces in that it was inviting and interactive with the viewer. The colors were soothing and evocative and the cleverly attached door that opened “into” the work was inviting one to another dimension in space.

His art can be seen at his gallery in West Jefferson where his studio is filled to the brim with whimsy, fully directional pieces that speak to the visitor on many levels and with a variety of mediums. Procter himself is unassuming and his love of art is evident in his approach as well as his finished pieces.

A visit to the Wilkes Art Gallery is highly suggested to see this amazing exhibit and the incredible talent the Northwest mountains are nurturing in the souls of creative individuals. You will be greeted with the southern comfort exuded by Executive Director Cindy Pardue who guides you through the expansive gallery with informative grace.

The Northwest Artist’s League show will be hanging until May 24.

For more information, visit or call 336-667-2841.