May trout stocking update

April 30, 2014

The following list is the number of trout that will be stocked in the month of May in each of the 15 trout-stocked waters in Ashe County:

North Fork New River: 2,425

Helton Creek Delayed Harvest: 3,750

Big Laurel Creek: 493

Three Top Creek: 1,025

Big Horse Creek: 1,075

Big Horse Creek Delayed Harvest: 1,675

Buffalo Creek: 200

South Fork New River Delayed Harvest: 900

North Beaver Creek: 100

Old Fields Creek: 100

Cranberry Creek: 938

Nathan’s Creek: 175

Peak Creek: 375

Trout Lake Delayed Harvest: 500

Roan Creek: 200

All fishing information can be found on the N.C. Wildlife Resource Commission website at