Ashe Tar Heel Baseball expands competition

Kris Little Special to the Post

June 5, 2014

As an effort to continue growing youth baseball in Ashe County, the Tar Heel Baseball Board and Ashe County Parks and Recreation teamed up with Watauga Parks and Recreation’s Tar Heel league for a round robin tournament this past weekend focusing on Minor League Teams (Ages 9-10).

The five regular season Ashe County teams along with the two Alleghany teams playing in Ashe’s regular season, traveled to Watauga for two days of baseball.

The informal tournament consisted of two guaranteed games for each of the Ashe teams against Watauga league teams. The format consisted of four randomly selected pools of teams from which teams were seated into single elimination tournament brackets on Saturday afternoon.

Teams were placed into gold, silver and bronze brackets depending on record and statistics from the two pool play games.

Ashe and Alleghany were both well represented in all bracket levels. The Ashe County Reds were named champions of the Silver bracket and the Ashe County Marlins were champions of the Bronze bracket.

All teams played great throughout the weekend and the board thanks all of the youth and parents that attended and participated.

As a reminder to the public that doesn’t already know, the 2014 youth baseball/softball season should have a different feel than in years past.

This year the board has chosen to align its regular season and postseason play with the Tar Heel organization, going away from Little League International. The Tar Heel brand allows much more flexibility in the way that the board can locally manage the regular season, and its rule structure should allow the board to much better serve the individual needs of our county’s youth.

The 13-member board is headed by Executive Director Scott Turnmyre and President Brad Little, and contains a mix of Parks and Recreation staff, coaches, and volunteers representing each region of the County.

It is the goal of the board to engender, foster, and promote the youth baseball and softball program in Ashe County and to assist and support the administration and staff of Ashe County Parks & Recreation to conduct the youth baseball/softball program.

The board would also like to invite all parents and youth to come out and support upcoming tournament play starting this weekend and next week for softball/baseball for all ages to wrap up our first season under Tar Heel.

“The regular season has been very busy and although we will continue to adjust and refine some of the policies, I would grade this season as a success,” said Kris Little, a board member for the league. “Throughout the season and as evidence by the support from team to team, parent to parent, and youth to youth, I feel like we have one of the most unified efforts for Ashe County Baseball/Softball that we have ever had. Although we compete against each other, the ultimate goal is the overall betterment of our youth baseball and softball county wide.”

The board will team up with the Jefferson Post early next week to publish brackets and game times for tournament play after regular season games wrap up this weekend.