Annual budget approved for Lansing

Hannah Myers | Jefferson Post Members of the Lansing Board of Aldermen discuss the Town of Lansing’s FY 2015-16 Budget on Monday June 8.

LANSING —The Lansing Board of Aldermen unanimously approved the Town’s budget ordinance for the 2015-16 Fiscal Year at their regular meeting on Monday, June 8.

According to the budget, Lansing’s total general fund revenue for the year beginning July 1, 2015 and ending June 30, 2016 is estimated to be $78,758.

Revenue for the general fund includes $26,740 for “ad valorem” taxes, which is a tax based on the value of real estate or personal property.

Other general fund revenue includes: $7,925 for franchise tax, $3,134 for auto tax, $39,131 for sales and use tax, $155 for tax interest, penalties, or miscellaneous, $600 for rental income, and $1,073 for interest income.

In FY 2014-15, Lansing’s total general fund revenue was estimated to be $94,775 with $24,500 generated from “ad valorem” taxes, $35,000 from sales and use tax and the remaining coming from franchise and auto taxes, privilege licenses and rental income.

Lansing Creeper Trail Park Project

The board announced during the meeting that the land acquisition phase of the Lansing Creeper Trail park project is complete and they will now be able to move on to the developmental phase.

According to Alderman Dylan Lightfoot, the Town closed on the remaining two park parcels of 34.6 acres and 21.1 acres on June 8. The Town now has all necessary park acreage to move forward with the project.

The Lansing Creeper Trail Park’s property now amounts to over 65 acres including the recent land acquisition.

Moving forward, the board will continue requesting additional grants to help cover funds for the developmental phase of the project.

“We need to be writing some grants to make the second half of this project happen,” Lightfoot said.

So far, $1,036,619.47 has been awarded to the town of Lansing for the park project.

According to Town Clerk Marcy Little, park construction could start as early as July.

“For now we are going to sigh a sigh of relief and pat ourselves on the back,” Lightfoot said.

The board also discussed the possibility of hiring someone to maintain all the acquired property.

The board said they would look into the Town’s budget to see if they can afford such an individual at this point in time.

Tax collection report

During the meeting, Little gave a tax collection report from May 2014 – June 2015.

According to Little, $22,071.72 in back taxes have been collected since May 1, 2014 and $1,738.80 in back taxes were collected in 2013; $593.31 were collected in 2012.

Little said that from 2004 until now, there were $8,190.95 in outstanding taxes and she has been working to help collect some of those for the Town.

According to Little, the highest amount of taxes owed to the Town amounts to $1,646.19, which included four years of owed property taxes from one Lansing property. Little said the property was recently sold and the Town will be getting those taxes within the next 31 days.

Speeding concerns

Alderman Brenda Reeves mentioned many Lansing residents living on A Street have expressed concerns regarding drivers speeding in the area.

Reeves, who lives on A Street, said that adding additional speed bumps would alleviate the problem.

“No thru traffic” signage had previously been purchased by the Town for the area but hadn’t been installed due to the frozen ground during the winter months.

The board will be installing signs on Saturday, June 13 to help improve the issue and will also be looking into the cost of adding additional speed bumps.

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