ACHS student charged following Dec. 11 incident

By Adam Orr -

WEST JEFFERSON-An Ashe County High School student was taken into custody by the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office following an outburst during the school day Friday afternoon.

That’s according to school district officials and Ashe County Sheriff James Williams.

The student, a 16-year old male, was charged as an adult on Dec. 11, Williams said, with being intoxicated and disruptive and resisting a public officer. He remains in the Ashe County Detention Center under $1,000 bond.

“Basically, this student said he’d ingested some alcohol and our assistant principal and School Resource Officer (ACSO Deputy Joe Francis) went to get him and found him sick in the bathroom,” Ashe County High School Principal Jason Krider said.

The student was brought to the school’s office, Krider said, where he then allegedly became belligerent and disruptive.

“At that point we felt it became a school safety issue,” Krider said.

Williams said the student was transported by Francis to Ashe Memorial Hospital for an evaluation.

“We were a little concerned as to what exactly he’d ingested so we took him to the emergency department first and then brought him to the jail,” Williams said.

The student was charged as an adult but placed in isolation, Williams said, because he is a juvenile.

At this point, Superintendent of Ashe County Schools Todd Holden said he considers the incident a serious school safety violation and is considering disciplinary measures concerning the student.

“Since we believe he’d taken something, we’re considering what we might be able to do to get this young man some help,” Holden said.

At least twice this year Holden has made the call to suspend students for the remainder of the school year.

One incident, which occurred at Blue Ridge Elementary School on Dec. 7, involved a fifth-grader who brought a BB gun on the school bus. That followed a similar incident in November where a middle schooler brought a BB gun to Ashe County Middle School.

Both students were suspended for the remainder of the 2015-2016 school year, and Holden said he’s deliberating the same disciplinary measure with the student charged on Friday.

“Whatever discipline we take combined with the Sheriff’s department’s charges, we hope that’ll allow this young man to get some counseling,” Holden said. “At least get started down that road.”

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By Adam Orr

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