Crumpler teen seeks your help with racing promotion

By Jesse Campbell -

CRUMPLER-Luke Eggers doesn’t shy away from competition.

His bumps and bruises are proof of that.

Even after slamming into a concrete barrier at 130 miles-per-hour, Eggers, who at that point nursing a concussion from the previous day during a race in Elk Creek, Va., climbed back into his hot rod the following day and was ready for another heat.

“You sort of check yourself after hitting the wall at 130,” said Eggers, of Crumpler.”I had a mild concussion, but nothing major.”

In that particular accident, Eggers’s car had slipped out of the groove in the track and erratically left the speedway, veering toward the wall, he said.

When the time came for his next race the following day, Eggers didn’t hesitate.

“I knew I would probably be less willing to race later on, so I told myself I would get back out there and do it,” said Eggers. “Looking back, I’m glad I did it.”

Not many 19-year-olds can attest to that type of mental and physical fortitude, but then again, racing and the thrill of competition is ingrained within Eggers.

His father raced. By the time he reached the ripe age of 7, Eggers, who was already frequenting the North Carolina circuit as a fan, was eager to strap himself in as a junior dragster.

It didn’t take long for the weekend hobby to turn into a life-long passion. For the past decade, Eggers has spent countless weekends racing and fine tuning his car.

That’s no easy task for a full-time college student who is also juggling a position at a local accounting firm.

His tutelage and sacrifice is starting to pay off, too.

He has won three junior dragster championships and state championship in his age class in 2012.

He now has his sights set on his first win in the prop eliminator classification.

To help Eggers further his career and reach a higher circuit, Eggers is seeking a little assistance from his community and the racing family that has vehemently supported him through the years.

His latest heat finds Eggers in a battle for votes in the Champion Spark Plugs’ 2016 Search for a Champion promotion.

The competition requires racers from various asphalt and paved classifications to submit a video and an essay on the topic of what best defines a champion.

With the urging of his track operator and a little inkling of his own, Eggers recruited his mother’s boyfriend to shoot footage of him in action and compiled it with a separate off-track interview.

“In my video, I talked about my accomplishments so far and the struggles that I’ve went through to get to where I’m at today,” said Eggers.

Apparently, Eggers shined as bright on camera as he does on the track and the judges took notice.

He was recently informed of his selection as one of 15 finalists in the video competition. By surviving the first round, Eggers took home nearly $6,000 in sponsorship and gear.

He is now in the running for the $50,000 grand prize.

To cross the finish line ahead of his competition, Eggers will need as many votes as he can get. Voting for the competition is open from February 23rd through March 23rd.

The type of support he is asking for is not uncommon in the racing family or the Crumpler community, which he calls home.

It’s also the reason he continues to race.

“It’s the competition; the way we are one family,” said Eggers.”We will race each other on the racetrack, but if anyone is hurting, we will do whatever we can to help them. It’s that family feel makes you want to do it more and makes you happier when you do do it because of the support system behind you.”

How to help: To vote for Eggers’ video, click to and under the promotions tab, select “Search For a Champion.” You can also select sign up to vote under this tab. Voters can then create a free account with a memorable username and password. All voters can log-in once per day and vote for his entry in the advanced category entitled “The Drive to Be a Champion.”

Reach Jesse Campbell at 336-846-7164.

By Jesse Campbell

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