Proposed asphalt plant clears another hurdle

Air quality permit approved

By Adam Orr -

GLENDALE SPRINGS-State regulators last week removed one more road block to a proposed asphalt plant in Glendale Springs.

State environmental officials with the North Carolina Division of Air Quality approved an air quality permit for Appalachian Materials Group’s planned asphalt plant in Glendale Springs. The approval was made public on Feb. 26.

The permit was placed on hold in November as the company fixed compliance issues, which dealt with controlling runoff and sedimentation from the mining site of Radford Quarries, which will sit adjacent to the proposed asphalt operation.

Inspectors from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources inspected Radford Quarries on Oct. 15 and identified six deficiencies. Inspectors also found the quarry had disturbed acreage for site grading for the asphalt plant outside the area covered under an existing mining permit.

Those problems have since been fixed.

But the proposed plant isn’t a done deal just yet. Last year, the Ashe County Board of Commissioners placed a six month moratorium on the plant’s construction as the board considered amending its polluting industries ordinance, which was passed more than 15 years ago. The Ashe County Planning Board approved a new “High Impact Land Use,” ordinance and passed that ordinance to commissioners on Feb. 1.

Commissioners will consider what action, if any, they will take in coming weeks.

The air permit may be viewed on-line at

More information about air quality issues can be found at the Division of Air Quality’s web site,
Air quality permit approved

By Adam Orr

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