Alleged embezzler due up in court

By Adam Orr -

JEFFERSON-An Ashe County woman arrested last fall by the Jefferson Police Department on embezzlement charges is due up in superior court on March 30.

Jefferson Police Department Detective David Witherspoon told the Jefferson Post in September that Pamela Michelle Roark, an employee at a local law firm, is accused of taking more than $100,000 from operating and trust accounts. Roark was charged with 23 counts of felony obtaining property by false pretense and released from the Ashe County Detention Center after posting $150,000 secured bond.

The rest of this month’s Ashe County Superior Court Schedule. The docket is broken into three distinct calendars, and the same defendant may be listed on multiple court calendars. The slate is scheduled to begin March 30, 2016.

Calendar one

Damion Okoyia Blevins: Assault on a female

Colleen Elizabeth Bower: Two counts habitual impaired driving

Randall Scott Combs: Break or enter a motor vehicle, felony larceny

Aaron Banks Dixon: Five counts first degree sexual offense, two counts rape child, two counts second degree sex exploit minor

Terri Francis Dula: habitual felon

Mary Christine Hunt: Felony conspiracy, poss/distribute meth precursor, possess methamphetamine

James Allen Jordan: Rape of child by adult, five counts sex offense with child by adul, two counts intimidating witness, violation of court order

Charles Elbert Lipford: Felony conspiracy, poss/distribute meth precursor, possess methamphetamine

Kesha Marie Lyalls: Manufacture methamphetamine, poss/distribute meth precursor, traffick in methamphetamine, felony conspiracy, traffick in methamphetamine

Carol Renee Main: Felony conspiracy, poss/distribute meth precursor, possess methamphetamine

Shelia Parson Price: Manufacture methamphetamine, poss/distribute meth precursor, felony conspiracy, possess methamphetamine

Michael L Reed: Seven counts w/c simple, four counts obtain property false pretense

Samuel Joe Roark: Attempt first degree burglary, attempt first degree murder, awdwikisi, dis weap occ prop ser bod inj

Terri Frances Smith: Trafficking, opium or heroin

Benjamin Tirado: Habitual felon, first degree murder, possession of firearm by felon

Kacha Lane Wood: Felony conspiracy

Calendar two

Damion Okoyia Blevins: Burn church/religious bldg, break/enter place of worship, larceny after break/enter

Daniel Ray Brown: Petition to terminate sex offe

Dean Eldreth Jr: Second degree rape, second degree sexual offense

Roy Lee Ellison Jr: Assault govt official/emply, four counts misdemeanor child abuse, awdw government official, break/enter place of worship

Anthony Dustin Graybeal: Burn church/religious bldg, break/enter place of worship, larceny after break/enter

Joel Fitzgerald Miller: Obtain property false pretense

Timothy Richardson: Petition to terminate sex offense

Calendar three

Charles Donald Blevins: Probation violation, probation violation

Robert William Brown: H/i felony probation violation

Adam Campbell: Probation violation

Wretha Allen Coe: Marie probation violation

Cody James Collins: Two counts h/i felony probation violation

Randall Combs: Probation violation, misdemeanor probation viol, probation violation

Kristy Hope Eastridge: H/i felony probation violation

Anthony Dustin Graybeal: Two counts felony probation violation

Daniel Lee Greer: Probation violation

Glenna Chantel Greer: Two counts probation violation

James Anthony Greer: Probation violation

Eden Grace-E Gustavsen: Two counts probation violation

Drew Hastings Hoffman: Two counts probation violation

Carol Renee Main: Probation violation

Jeffery McClure: Two counts fel prob viol out of county, h/i felony probation violation

Corey Allen Richardson: Probation violation

Randall Glenn Stout: Probation violation, fel prob viol out of county

Roger Smith Turnmire: Probation violation

By Adam Orr

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