Here’s who’s scheduled to be in district court this week

By Adam Orr -

The following cases are scheduled to be heard in Ashe County District Court beginning Oct. 20, 2016.

Anthony Shane Anderson: Civil revocation dr lic (30), probation violation, speeding, dwlr not impaired rev, dwlr aft impaired rev notice, second degree trespass, misdemeanor larceny, assault on a female, dwlr impaired rev, unsafe tires

Wilbur Ray Arrington: Driving while impaired, open cont after cons alc 1st, dwlr impaired rev

Mikel Kenneth Bare: Dwlr not impaired rev, give/lend/borrow lic plate, expired/no inspection, drive/allow mv no registration, operate veh no ins

Deanna Billings: Misdemeanor larceny, failure to pay monies, probation violation

Veronica Marie Bishop: Probation violation

Christina Richar Boone: Misdemeanor larceny, possess drug paraphernalia

Daniel Joseph Boone: Misdemeanor larceny

Liam Carey Const Brown: Misdemeanor larceny

Christopher Carpenter: Two counts aid & abet larceny (m)

Joshua Cain Cate: Simple possess sch ii cs (m), simple possess sch iv cs (m), driving while impaired, fail maintain lane control

Zackary Allen Claycomb: Operate veh no ins

Amber Nicole Cleary: Misdemeanor larceny

Joshua Michae Coldiron: Possess drug paraphernalia

Justin Bradle Critcher: Simple possess sch vi cs (m)

Melanie Summer Dale: Fail wear seat belt-front seat

Rebecca Danielson: Driving while impaired

Heather Dawn Dishman: Failure to pay monies

Charles Edga Eastridge: Fail to wear seat belt-driver

Timothy Doug Eastridge: Fail wear seat belt-front seat

Candy Ann Eggert: Cyberstalking, dv protective order viol (m)

Jeremy William Eggert: Probation violation, assault on a female

William An Fitzpatrick: Unsafe lane change

Kevin Todd Fredlund: Reckless driving to endanger, drive left of center

Valerie Garrett: Dwlr not impaired rev, poss/disp alt/fict/revd dr lic

Daniel Lee Grubb: Two counts probation violation

Jonathan Max Hamby: Expired registration card/tag

Joshua Mark Hazelwood: Misdemeanor larceny, second degree trespass

Christy Selynn Herron: Poss stolen goods/prop (f), breaking and or entering (f), larceny after break/enter, break or enter a motor vehicle, felony larceny hill,jason,d: Injury to personal property

Mary Jennin Huntsinger: Assault govt official/emply, resisting public officer

Thomas Michael Mason: Driving while impaired, operate veh no ins, drive/allow mv no registration, fail maintain lane control, give/lend/borrow lic plate, fail to wear seat belt-driver, fail stop stopsign/flsh red lt

Crystal Lynn Maxwell: Simple assault, failure to pay monies, dwlr not impaired rev, fail to secure passen under 16

Joseph Edward Medley: Fail to wear seat belt-driver, dwlr not impaired rev, drive/allow mv no registration, give/lend/borrow lic plate

Robert Lee Miller: Driving while impaired

Larry Shane Mullis: Fel poss synthetic cannabinoid, manuf synth cannabinoid, maintn veh/dwell/place cs (f), possess drug paraphernalia

Joe Kenneth Neaves: Communicating threats

Christian Nathan Neese: Misdemeanor child abuse, contributing del of juvenile, possess marij paraphernalia, possess marijuana up to 1/2 oz

Olga C Pascual: Civil revocation dr lic (30), motion for appropriate relief

Wesley Samu Pennington: Driving while impaired, drive after consuming < 21, probation violation, dwlr impaired rev, operate veh no ins, resisting public officer, flee/elude arrest w/mv (f), reckless driving to endanger, poss opn cnt/cons alc psg area, carrying concealed weapon

German Delgado Perez: Driving while impaired, civil revocation dr lic (30)

Amanda Lynn Perry: Dwlr not impaired rev, fail to wear seat belt-driver

Beverly Lynn Petty: Failure to pay monies

David Carroll J Potter: Fail to wear seat belt-driver, allow unlicensed to drive, operate veh no ins, fict/alt title/reg card/tag

Michael Wesley Rhodes: Fail to wear seat belt-driver, expired/no inspection

Christina B Richardson: Dwlr not impaired rev, cancl/revok/susp certif/tag

Allison B Roark: No operators license, operate veh no ins, dr/allow reg plate not display

Ernesto Cabrera Ruiz: Dwlr impaired rev

Daniel Rutherford: Cruelty to animals(m), dog/cat/ferret vaccination

Jennifer Lyn Sanchez: Expired registration card/tag, expired/no inspection, operate veh no ins, dwlr not impaired rev, drive/allow mv no registration

Ernest Nashson Saxton: Dwlr not impaired rev

Nathan S Severt: Misdemeanor probation viol

Nathan Severt: Probation violation

Marissa Cathryn Sheets: Misdemeanor larceny

Parker Davis Shelton: Simple possess sch iv cs (m), possess marijuana up to 1/2 oz, consume alc by 19/20

Cody Allen Simcox: Speeding

Taylor Kristine Smith: Dwlr not impaired rev

Tiffany Ann Stamm: Operate veh no ins, cancl/revok/susp certif/tag

Angelia Burche Teaster: Awdw serious injury

Kristen Olea Testerman: Dwlr not impaired rev, operate veh no ins

Chrystal Dawn Trivette: Two counts dwlr not impaired rev

Kacha Lane Wood: Resisting public officer

Wesley Paul Woodard: Speeding, unsafe tires, exceeding safe speed, fail to report accident

Ashley Amber Wurth: Driving while impaired, expired/no inspection, texting/email viol motor veh, unsafe tires, possess drug paraphernalia, no operators license, drive left of center, expired registration card/tag

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By Adam Orr

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