Ashe man who stole from mother sees probation continued

By Jesse Campbell -

“Are you kidding me?” a superior court judge asked Justin Billings Monday morning.

“You stole from your mother?” she asked again.

Billings had some explaining to do Monday morning, as he pleaded with the court to continue his probation despite notable violations, including stealing his mother’s prescription medication and drinking alcohol after the court specifically told him not to do so.

“You live in her house, at the age of 22, and you don’t work and you dont have a disability? I don’t know what cartoons you are watching, but that’s not reality,” the judge said as she continued to criticize his decision-making abilities.

Billings was originally placed on probation in June 2016 for driving while impaired and a charge of possession of stolen goods. He violated his probation in June and October when he took his mother’s Klonopin seizure medication and consumed alcohol on Halloween night.

Billings was sentenced to three days in the Ashe County Jail, but his probation will continue upon his release despite his willful violations.

In many cases, offenders are given probation in lieu of jail time. They will avoid active sentences as long as they abide by the rules of their probation. When violations do occur, offenders must re-appear in court where a judge will decide if their probation will continue or if their sentences become active.

By Jesse Campbell

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