Court removes Boone man from sex offender registry

By Jesse Campbell -

Waln Photo courtesy of North Carolina Department of Public Safety

JEFFERSON-The North Carolina Sex Offender registry is not a life sentence for offenders who find themselves on that list.

On Monday, David Edwin Waln,of Boone, learned that lesson when he won his petition for termination from that registry during Ashe County Superior Court.

Waln was previously convicted for indecent liberties with a minor in 1992. According to court records, reports surfaced at that time of Waln providing alcohol to a 14-year-old victim before rubbing his left leg and showing him pictures of a naked boy. Other boys admitted sexual encounters with him and pictures of them were made in Waln’s bedroom in Wilkesboro, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors argued that while Waln’s record was devoid of any serious charges since his conviction, his consistent criminal record speaks volumes about his character.

Previously, Waln was arrested for driving while impaired , trespassing and making a false police report.

At the time of his plea in 1994, Waln’s defense argued that he was experiencing a series of traumatic life events. His father, a convenience store clerk, was murdered during a robbery. Since then, he was able to raise three boys despite being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident on N.C. 194. His attorney noted that he had to “hobble” his way up to the defendant’s seat prior to his hearing due to that accident.

Waln’s attorney argued that he had received psychological treatment for his behavior and his proclivity to offend again is low. He also argued that Waln had surpassed the state guidelines for his particular length of registration by 7 years.

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Photo courtesy of North Carolina Department of Public Safety
Photo courtesy of North Carolina Department of Public Safety

By Jesse Campbell

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