Animal rights activist Lisa Fitzpatrick charged with cyberstalking

By Adam Orr -

JEFFERSON-A local animal rights activist was charged late last week with cyberstalking, according to the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office.

Lisa Fitzpatrick, 51, of Todd, was charged on Feb. 10, according to court documents by the ACSO. Daniel Cruz, of Lansing, is listed as the complainant in the case.

According to the warrant, Fitzpatrick, “unlawfully and willfully did words and language in an electronic communication and electronic mail to Daniel Cruz threatening to inflict bodily harm on Daniel Cruz.”

She was released the same day after posting a $500 cash bond.

A viral video

Cruz and Fitzpatrick dominated local news headlines in the first half of 2016, after a video filmed by Fitzpatrick of Cruz’s property and animals went viral.

That initial video,filmed on Feb. 4, 2016, was uploaded to Facebook and shared online by other activists, was viewed more than 80,000 times in just two days. Outraged viewers called local officials and former Ashe County Sheriff James Williams said county 911 operators were flooded with calls.

On Feb. 5, 2016, Fitzpatrick was charged with second degree trespassing.

Fitzpatrick, who also goes by Lisa Neyland Delaurentiis Fitzpatrick, was released the same day she was charged after posting bond. The case against her was later dismissed on March 4, 2016 following a hearing in court.

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By Adam Orr

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