Court continues pot-belly pig death case

By Jesse Campbell -

JEFFERSON-The trial of an Ashe County woman charged with animal cruelty for allegedly allowing a pot-belly pig to freeze to death last year was continued until the Aug. 7 session of superior court.

Brooke Michelle Severt was scheduled to appear in court on Monday to face the charge.

Severt, 26, was charged on Feb. 14, 2016 by Ashe County Animal Control for failing to provide food and water for a pot-belly pig. The charge reached felony status because the animal died as a result of neglect, said Animal Control Director Joe Testerman.

“We had several complaints on her throughout 2015 and ’16 that she was not penning the pig properly and it was running loose,” said Testerman. “On this specific incident, we received a call after hours when it was snowing and really cold. A neighbor had called and said that Ms. Severt was not at the property and had not been there for days. They said the pig was in a close-in with no food or shelter. She stated it was near death. We went and found the pig in a small homemade lot. It was freezing to death. There were no signs of food or water. It was covered in snow and was emaciated. It had gone without food or water for several days.”

Despite the efforts of animal control, Testerman said the pig died overnight.

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By Jesse Campbell

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