Sex offender termination cases featured in upcoming court sessions

By Jesse Campbell -

ASHE COUNTY-An upcoming Ashe County Superior Court docket reveals two pending cases concerning the future registration of known sex offenders.

Daniel Ray Brown, 32, and Brandon Michael Calhoun, 33, are scheduled for upcoming court sessions during which time they are expected to present to the trial judge their petition for termination from the registry.

Brown is scheduled for the May 30 session while Calhoun is expected to present his petition on March 27.

While removal from the registry is no small feat, it is possible for offenders to have their mug shots and picture scrubbed from the offenders’ website.

These men and women must appear before a trial judge after eclipsing their court ordered registration period and prove to a judge they are no longer a threat to their communities and also that their chance of recidivism is low.

A Boone man was successful in having his stay on the website canceled after proving to a court that he was reformed and not likely to repeat.

The North Carolina General Assembly created the North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry in 1996.

This law outlines registration requirements for persons living in North Carolina, non-resident students and non-resident workers.

The types of offenses that could result in a conviction and placement on the registry are varied. These offenses range from various degrees of rape, sexual battery, sex offenses with a child by an adult to exploitation, prostitution and indecent exposure. Related conspiracy charges can also land a person the registry, according to the state’s Sex Offender Registration Program outlined by former Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Offenders subject to additional registration requirements includes those offenders convicted of an aggravated offense or a repeat offense and is determined by a court to be a sexually violent predator.

An aggravated offense is determined as a criminal offense, which includes engaging in a sexual act through the use of force or the threat of serious violence and committing an act with a victim who is less than 12 years old.

All recent offenders are required upon conviction when a prison term is not imposed. Offenders are required to report their residency and a change to that status to sheriff’s office whenever it occurs. Offenders are also subject to a litany or restrictions and violations of these requirements can result in prison time.

Currently, there are 37 registered sex offenders in Ashe County. None of these offenders are listed as predators.

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By Jesse Campbell

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