Former jailer questions sheriff’s personnel policy

By Jesse Campbell -

JEFFERSON-A former employee of the Ashe County Detention Center asked county commissioners Monday morning if it was appropriate for Sheriff Terry Buchanan to disclose her termination with the general public.

Kim Brown Miller disclosed the inner workings of the sheriff’s department and jail during an exclusive interview with the Jefferson Post last week.

During that interview, Miller also shared with the paper what she viewed as potential safety violations within the jail and the lack of supervision of jail trustees by jailers. Buchanan has denied these claims.

Miller said she was not told why her services were no longer needed or given feedback on her job performance. Her last day with the sheriff’s office and jail was May 1.

When reached for comment on Miller’s allegations, Buchanan said Friday she is “attempting to stir up controversy where none exists.” He also said Miller was terminated for insubordination and job performance.

“Why didn’t he tell me instead of advertising publicly?” she asked the five-member board.

Miller reiterated her comments from last week in regards to the number of deputies and jailers who have been terminated from their positions.

“It’s sad we have to wonder where we are going to get our next meal from and pay our bills,” said Miller.

Bill Brown spoke on his daughter’s behalf prior to her floor time. He told commissioners that his daughter should be reinstated and Buchanan’s services as sheriff should come to a quick end.

“He’s crooked as anyone in this county,” said Miller. “There’s a lot of talk about it. And (commissioner) Jeff Rose, you ought to know to have investigated before you hired him. Gary (Roark) you should’ve known too. It think it’s all your fault because you got that man in here. You need to investigate a man before you ever put (him) in law enforcement.”

Brown said the number of families impacted by terminations and resignations under Buchanan’s tenure are troubling.

“He’s already affected 22 families in this county because he’s took jobs away from them and hired jobs outside of the county,” said Brown. “I don’t enjoy having my tax money sent out of the county. There’s no sense in it. We got good men in this county to handle police departments. I would like for you all to reconsider everything. You can’t imagine all over the county how you (commissioners) are talked about.”

Buchanan, who was present during the meeting, didn’t address the comments made against his administration. Instead, he updated commissioners on new department initiatives.

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By Jesse Campbell


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