Ashe County Restaurant Grades

By Jesse Campbell -

The following is a compilation of the most recent grades and notable violations of Ashe County restaurants and establishments. This information is provided by the N.C. Department of Public Health and is considered public record.

Restaurant Grade

19th Hole Bar and Grill A

Ashe Assisted Living Center A

Ashe High Cafeteria A

Ashe Detention Center Kitchen A

Ashe Hospital Cafeteria A

Ashe Outreach Kitchen A

Ashe Service for Aging Kitchen A

Ashe Middle Cafeteria A

Bantam Chef A

Black Jacks Pub and Grill A

Blue Ridge Bistro A

Blue Ridge Dinner Theater A

Blue Ridge Elem. Cafeteria A

Bobby D’s Restaurant A

Bojangle’s A

Boondocks A

Boondocks Brewing Haus A

Burger King A

Coffee House A

Copper Mine Grill A

Corner Market A

Country House Restaurant A

Country Kitchen A

Creston Superette A

Dairy House A

Dollar Mart A

Eighty-One Diner A

Food Lion Deli A

Food Lion Meats A

A & M Food Truck A

Forest Ridge Kitchen A

Freeborne’s Eatery A

Hardee’s A

Helen’s Sports Bar A

Havana Café A

Hillbilly Grill A

Ingle’s Deli A

Ingle’s Meat A

Ingle’s Produce A

KFC/Taco Bell A

Lansing Meats Market A

Margate Kitchen A

McDonald’s A

Mike’s Community Mart A

Miller’s Country Store A

Miller’s Country Store No. 2 A

Monte D Rey A

Mountain Air Sea A

MVES Cafeteria A

No. 433 Depot A

Osaka A

Park Vista Restaurant A

Pie on the Mountain A

Pizza Hut A

Plaza Del Sol A

River House Inn A

River House Restaurant A

Riverside at Brownwood A

Rosebud Bakery A

Rozies Catering A

Shatley Springs Cabins A

Shatley Springs Resort A

Sheets Grocery A

Shokudo’s A

Smokey Mtn Barbecue A

Speedway A

Subway A

Subway at Walmart A

Sweet and Savory Bakery A

Taqueria El Trompo B

The Club House Bar and Grill A

The Hotel Tavern A

The Log House A

Vera’s Pizza A

Village Inn Pizza A

Walmart Deli A

Wendy’s A

WJ Coffee House A

Westwood Cafeteria A

Whistle Stop Café A

Winner’s Circle A

Youth Outreach Skate A

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By Jesse Campbell


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