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By Jesse Campbell - jcampbell@jeffersonpost.com

(submitted photo) The Haunted Factory's infamous cast has returned

WEST JEFFERSON-Returning for a second year, the Haunted Factory will be cranking out ghoulish nights that are sure to fright during the month of October.

Located in the old Catawissa Lumber building behind the West Jefferson Fire Department, the Haunted Factory features 40 dedicated actors that have worked fervently since last year’s inaugural run to satisfy thrill seekers of all ages.

“It’s been expanded this year to provide more ghoulish frights and delights,” demon-ring-leader Steve Farrington boasts.

If this year’s line-up of goblins and axe murderers doesn’t send chills down your spine, you might want to check your pulse, as the haunted factory features countless heart-stopping moments and harrowing encounters with monsters from the underworld.

“Every year is different; keeps locals interested and coming back,” said a cryptic Farrington. “We try to do something for everyone’s phobia whether it’s spider, snakes or even strobe lights.”

The Haunted Factory isn’t Farrington’s first stab at demon hoarding and stealing lost souls, who wonder through the building’s dark corners. For seven years, he orchestrated Lansing’s infamous Haunted House in the town’s old WPA school building. Since relocating to West Jefferson, Farrington has masterminded a cellar of terror that Stephen King’s Pennywise the Clown would admonish.

“We definitely keep it different,” said Farrington. “These guys, the crew, we’ve have been doing this for so long that it’s nothing to get a call or text in January saying, ‘Hey I got an idea to do this” or ‘Let’s change this. People haven’t seen this before.’ Then there’s some stuff we won’t use for three years and then will bring it back out.”

Like him, Farrington’s actors are diehard fright night enthusiasts who are always searching for a new scare tactic to delight guests.

“These guys are diehard. They live it and breathe it. They love it. It’s a passion; they are searching for it all the time to come up with something new to keep them entertained,” he said.

Unlike other modern houses that rely on gimmicks and animatronics, Farrington prides his creation by featuring only live actors.

“Most of the new haunted houses are set up to go off with motion detectors,” explains Farrington. “It just pops up at you. With live a live actor, it’s up close and personal with you. People love that and I feel that’s why people come back. We had a couple from Ohio that come back every year’s and tell us that (haunted factory) is what they want and it’s what they had growing up.”

If you are bold enough to venture to this factory of fear, you can catch the haunted crew at 7 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays in October. The Haunted Factory kicks off this weekend on both nights. Admission is $7.

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(submitted photo)
The Haunted Factory’s infamous cast has returned
http://www.jeffersonpost.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/web1_house.jpg(submitted photo)
The Haunted Factory’s infamous cast has returned

By Jesse Campbell



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