Mt. Jefferson welcomes fall

(photo submitted by Greg Baldwin)

WEST JEFFERSON-On Sept. 24, at 2:00 pm everyone gathered at the Picnic Area on Mt. Jefferson State Natural Area.

As the fall leaves began to blow in the breeze, 25 participants learned about the natural environment, water cycle, and photosynthesis.

“Then off they went out in the park to experience nature and paint,” said Park Ranger Tom Randolph. “We all used tempera paint on paper plate pallets, canvases, cups of water and brushes. It was a very fun and creative time for all.”

Park staff expressed their appreciation to all those involved.

“A special thank you goes out to the Friends of High Country State Parks for providing the funding to purchase the canvases,” said Randolph.”All of the families had a great time on this early fall season afternoon.”

(photo submitted by Greg Baldwin) submitted by Greg Baldwin)


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