Town amends sign ordinance to include electronic signs

By Jesse Campbell -

WEST JEFFERSON-After much consideration among zoning officials, the town recently revisited its sign ordinance and has amended the list of regulations to include certain electronic signage.

The ordinance still prohibits electronic signage in certain areas.

“These signs shall not be allowed in any residential district or within the Community Shopping District. However, they shall be allowed in all other Highway Commercial and Industrial Districts at a rate of one sign per business,” the ordinance stipulates.

The amendment goes on to address specifications for electronic signage and changing messages.

“Images and/or messages shall be solid state and shall not flash, blink, scroll or be animated in any way. This is not considered animation and/or a flashing sign. Every sign must be equipped with a dimming mechanism that adjusts display brightness to accommodate varying ambient light conditions. This function can be performed manually or automatically with the use of a light sensing device,” the ordinance reads.

Town Manager Brantley Price confirmed changes to the ordinance during last week’s board of aldermen meeting.

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By Jesse Campbell


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