Roland due back in court on animal abuse charges

By Jesse Campbell -

ASHE COUNTY-A Glendale Springs man, who is accused of denying sustenance to various breeds of dogs and failing to properly dispose of their remains once they passed, is due back in Ashe County District Court this week.

Joseph Roland, 42, of 10129 N.C. 16 S, was charged with several counts of cruelty to animals in May after authorities discovered bones of several breeds of dogs.

The breeds of dogs involved in the investigation include a black lab mix, at least one brindle boxer, one brown boxer and a male Rottweiler, according to arrest warrants.

Roland has also been charged with abandoning the aforementioned dogs without a justifiable excuse.

To this point, the investigation into Roland involves several pages of arrest warrants, which also state he allegedly failed to properly dispose of an unidentifiable dog, whose only remains were a skull, ribs and a jaw bone. All alleged offenses were reported on May 2.

It is unclear at this time what Roland’s intentions were with the various breeds of dogs.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, Oct. 12.

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By Jesse Campbell


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