West Jefferson’s Bryce Little receives letter from President

By Adam Orr - aorr@jeffersonpost.com

WEST JEFFERSON-Sometimes a little kindness and a little extra effort pays off in a big way.

That’s the lesson one local young man, Bryce Little, 11, learned when he reached out to President Donald Trump in an August letter – and the President of the United States took the time to respond.

“Dear President Trump, My name is Bryce Little and I’m 11 years old and live in North Carolina. I’m writing this letter to let you know that there are a lot of people out that support you,” Little wrote.

Little went out to tell Mr. Trump he’s glad the President doesn’t listen to all his critics.

“You have done many things already like Dow reaching 22,000!” Little wrote. “That was amazing! In the county I live in, which is Ashe, over 75 percent of the votes here were for you!”

Little said he and the rest of Ashe County’s Trump supporters would continue to support the President through the 2020 election cycle.

“My 6th grade will also visit Washington D.C. next year and I really hope we can meet you,” Little wrote. “I truly think you are a great POTUS and wish you the best of luck and remember, we all have your back here in Ashe County until hopefully 2024.”

Little ended his letter to the President of the United States with a reminder of encouragement.

“P.S. Don’t Give Up! Sincerely, Bryce Little.”

President Trump responded to Little’s letter on Oct. 17, thanking “Dear Bryce,” for his “wonderful letter,” and letting little know that both he and First Lady Melania Trump were inspired by Little’s kind words of support and by similar well wishes from students across the United States.

“Our Nation’s bright future relies upon your leadership, commitment and character,” Trump wrote. “Do your best each day, enjoy learning and never, ever give up. Always remember you have family members, teachers and others who love you, who care about you, and who are there to help you realize your God-given talents. Think big and dream bigger.”

Trump closed his correspondence to Little by saying that, “Together, we will create a better and brighter future for you and your family. Thank you and good luck. With best wishes, Donald J. Trump.”

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By Adam Orr


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