Car crashes into Buffalo Creek

By Jesse Campbell -

ASHE COUNTY-The first week of November proved to be a busy one for the North Carolina High Patrol, which responded to various wrecks on county roads.

Michael Ross Hillson, of Roaring River, was charged with reckless driving after the 2009 Hyundai he was operating left the roadway and collided with a mailbox and tree. His vehicle reportedly sustained $6,900 in damages.

In an unrelated accident, Kendra Isaacs, of Lansing, and Cassandra Cox, of Creston, were involved in a minor fender-bender on N.C. 88 near West Jefferson. According to the highway patrol’s report, Isaacs failed to reduce speed and struck the rear of Cox’s 2017 Toyota. Both vehicles sustained less than $1,000 in damages. No charges were listed in the report.

In a Nov. 7 incident, Ryder Lee Howell, of Crumpler, was traveling west on Long Branch Road in Lansing when his 2003 Ford reportedly crossed the center-line and departed the road to the left before travelling down an embankment and colliding with a barn, which sustained significant damage. Howell was charged with failure to maintain lane control.

In an unrelated incident, Troy Andrew Wantland, of Lansing, was traveling south on Buffalo Road when his 2000 Chevrolet departed the road on the right and collided with large rocks that formed and embankment at the edge of a creek. Wantland told the highway patrol that he swerved to avoid hitting vehicle that was partially in his lane. The other vehicle was not present during the on-scene collision investigation. Wantland’s 2000 Chevrolet reportedly sustained an estimated $700 in damages.

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By Jesse Campbell

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