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With the wrestling season in its very early stages, the team is starting to take shape at Ashe County High School.

The Huskies have competed at a quad-match at Mitchell and the Old Appalachian Tournament at Watauga last week.

Mitchell 63, Ashe 15

106-pound division: Caleb Cooper (Ashe) pinned Malachi Staton (Mitchell) at 1:21.

113-pound division: Kyler Hoilman (Mitchell) won via forfeit.

120-pound division: Jacob Weaver (Ashe) defeated Peyton Greene (Mitchell) by a 2-1 decision.

126-pound division: Bodi Miller (Ashe) pinned Christian Lowery (Mitchell) at 2:42.

132-pound division: Solomon Duncan (Mitchell) pinned Carter Calhoun (Ashe) at 1:06.

138-pound division: Devin Rowe (Mitchell) pinned Gabe Elliott (Ashe) at 1:33.

145-pound division: Josh McGee (Mitchell) pinned T.J. Saunders (Ashe) in 25 seconds.

152-pound division: Dalton Beaver (Mitchell) defeated Matthew Hamilton (Ashe) by a 4-3 decision.

160-pound division: Davis McKinney (Mitchell) won via forfeit.

170-pound division: Daniel Bomar (Mitchell) won via forfeit.

182-pound division: Dustin Sparks (Mitchell) won via forfeit.

195-pound division: Tanner Buchanan (Mitchell) pinned Joshua Hamilton (Ashe) at 1:48.

220-pound division: Will Atkins (Mitchell) won via forfeit.

285-pound division: Dustin Byrd (Mitchell) won via forfeit.

West Lincoln 78, Ashe 5

106: Jake Clary (West) pinned Cooper (Ashe) in 46 seconds.

113: Robbie Hallman (West) won via forfeit.

120: Weaver (Ashe) defeated Mitchell Higdon (West) by a 16-1 technical fall.

126: Hunter Carpenter (West) pinned Miller (Ashe) at 3:09.

132: Nathan Ward (West) pinned Calhoun (Ashe) in 43 seconds.

138: Zach Davis (West) pinned G. Elliott (Ashe) at 1:55.

145: Robert Jarrett (West) pinned Saunders (Ashe) in 49 seconds.

152: Dustin Headrick (West) won via forfeit.

160: Hunter Turner (West) won via forfeit.

170: Billy Goble (West) won via forfeit.

182: Matthew Poteat (West) won via forfeit.

195: Mack George (West) pinned J. Hamilton (Ashe) at 1:02.

220: Tyler Clinton (West) won via forfeit.

285: Andres Gonzalez (West) won via forfeit.

Enka 76, Ashe 6

106: Madison Tipton (Enka) pinned Cooper (Ashe) at 3:40.

113: Charlie Putnam (Enka) pinned Weaver (Ashe) at 2:40.

120: Tyler Valliere (Enka) defeated Miller (Ashe) by a 17-5 major decision.

126: Jackson Singleton (Enka) pinned Calhoun (Ashe) at 1:00.

132: Michael Cantrell (Enka) pinned G. Elliott (Ashe) at 2:00.

138: Chance Hannah (Enka) pinned Saunders (Ashe) in 59 seconds.

145: Sam Spinda (Enka) won via forfeit.

152: Paul Arambula (Enka) won via forfeit.

160: Jesse McGuire (Enka) won via forfeit.

170: Brandon Dills (Enka) won via forfeit.

182: J. Hamilton (Ashe) pinned Colton Jenkins (Enka) in 23 seconds.

195: Hunter Kinser (Enka) won via forfeit.

220: Mitchell Taylor (Enka) won via forfeit.

285: Billy Conner (Enka) won via forfeit.

Old Appalachian Tournament results

106: Aaron Bradshaw (Alexander Central) pinned Cooper (Ashe) at 1:15.

106: Alex Wetmore (Watauga) pinned Cooper (Ashe) in 22 seconds.

106: Isaiah Daniels (McDowell) defeated Cooper (Ashe) by a 15-0 technical fall.

120: Weaver (Ashe) pinned Alex McEntire (McDowell) at 1:43.

120: Mark Townsend (Watauga) defeated Weaver (Ashe) by an 11-2 major decision.

120: Weaver (Ashe) pinned Alex Clark (Avery) in 15 seconds.

120: Damon Sharpe (Alexander Central) pinned Weaver (Ashe) at 3:37.

120: Weaver (Ashe) pinned Jace Kemper (South Caldwell) at 1:06.

126: Dalton Teague (South Caldwell) pinned Miller (Ashe) at 1:10.

126: Cannon Pressley (McDowell) defeated Miller (Ashe) by a 16-9 decision.

126: Miller (Ashe) pinned Nicholas Hildebrand (Watauga) at 1:40.

126: Ben Clark (Avery) pinned Miller (Ashe) at 2:47.

126: Daylin Jackson (Alexander Central) defeated Miller (Ashe) by a 9-0 major decision.

138: Zach Tomer (Watauga) defeated G. Elliott (Ashe) by a 15-6 major decision.

138: Jacob Gardner (McDowell) defeated G. Elliott (Ashe) by a 19-4 technical fall.

138: Beau Bradshaw (Alexander Central) defeated G. Elliott (Ashe) by a 19-3 technical fall.

138: Ty Franklin (Avery) defeated G. Elliott (Ashe) by a 19-4 technical fall.

145: Zeb Harris (McDowell) pinned Hunter Argetsinger (Ashe) at 1:21.

145: Eli Hawley (Watauga) pinned Argetsinger (Ashe) in 38 seconds.

145: Josh Gragg (Avery) pinned Argetsinger (Ashe) at 1:19.

145: Colby McNeil (South Caldwell) pinned Argetsinger (Ashe) at 1:48.

145: Zane Knight (Alexander Central) pinned Argetsinger (Ashe) at 1:21.

152: M. Hamilton (Ashe) pinned Zac Freeman (Avery) at 3:43.

152: M. Hamilton (Ashe) pinned Bryce Clark (Watauga) at 2:28.

152: Josh Dula (McDowell) defeated M. Hamilton (Ashe) by a 5-2 decision.

152: M. Hamilton (Ashe) defeated Cole Sherrill (Alexander Central) by an 8-0 major decision.

152: Carl Guess (South Caldwell) defeated M. Hamilton (Ashe) by a 6-1 decision.

160: Michael Elliott (Ashe) pinned Wesley Davis (McDowell) at 3:35.

160: M. Elliott (Ashe) defeated Gabriel Irwin (Watauga) by a 12-4 major decision.

160: M. Elliott (Ashe) defeated Tyler Reese (Alexander Central) by a 7-1 decision.

160: M. Elliott (Ashe) pinned Drew Shore (South Caldwell) in 48 seconds.

160: M. Elliott (Ashe) pinned Brennan Clark (Avery) at 1:46.

195: J. Hamilton (Ashe) defeated Jeremy Critcher (Watauga) by a 4-3 decision.

195: Ryan Sheppard (Avery) pinned J. Hamilton (Ashe) at 4:25.

195: J. Hamilton (Ashe) pinned Luis Herrera (McDowell) in 58 seconds.

195: J. Hamilton (Ashe) pinned Harrison Longano (South Caldwell) in 55 seconds.

195: Dustin Jones (Alexander Central) pinned J. Hamilton (Ashe) at 1:40.

285: Mitchell Brown (Ashe) pinned Jeremiah Wooldridge (Watauga) at 5:15.

285: Lucas St. Clair (Alexander Central) pinned Brown (Ashe) at 5:15.

285: Brown (Ashe) pinned Tyler Graves (McDowell) at 1:05.

285: Brown (Ashe) pinned Manuel Coleman (South Caldwell) at 1:49

The wrestling team gets back in action this Saturday with the Ashe County Duals. Matches begin at 9 a.m.


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