I am writing in reference to your article “Not Fair, Not Right.” If you want to draw on the emotions of most people, bring up the mistreatment of children, the elderly or animals — all of which are considered defenseless.

I’m not going to profess knowing the true intentions of Ms. DeLaurentiis and her actions. Perhaps she sees herself as a champion of the animals. Perhaps she sees herself as savior of ignorant people. I will say that in the age of social media that her claim that she “… wasn’t expecting the video to generate that kind of response” seems less than convincing, especially if it was coupled with a directive.

If these advocates really want to open a meaningful conversation with residents about animal welfare, they first must realize that a conversation involves two parties. If just one person is speaking or pontificating, that’s a lecture or a diatribe. No one likes to be lectured to and you’re certainly not going to gain someone’s trust by being judgmental and calling others ignorant. No one appreciates being bullied or insulted.

A story shared by my sister, who is a pediatric nurse, comes to mind about a young family who came into the practice during a particularly cold winter where she worked. The kids were filthy and she gently asked the mother about their hygiene habits. The mother confided that she was broke and could afford heat or food, but not both, so she opted for food. My sister could have stood in judgment of her, but instead helped her find resources to heat her home.

A word of advice to those of you who are new to Ashe: please don’t assume that you ways are superior, as that generally never wins people over to your point of view on any matter. Get to know the good people of Ashe. You’ll discover that knowledge cures ignorance.

Carla Osborne


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