Letter to the Editor: Lady Justice won’t be pleased

The appointment of Sheriff Buchanan to fill the unexpired term of retiring Sheriff Williams is controversial to some in the County. In my view, Buchanan stepped forward with a perfectly honorable record, and personal history, and plans, which the five Commissioners had ample time to review and interview. The process was entirely legal, transparent and uncontroversial. They voted and the new Sheriff took charge in January, making needed changes as he had promised. However, many people were displeased, some outraged, that their previously comfortable domains had been invaded by foreigners. They have leveled an unprecedented, at times hateful, barrage of criticism and obstruction at him since the day he took office, which has morphed into the fulthroated roar of a criminal lawsuit, and demands for his removal.

I believe that Sheriff Buchanan is being railroaded into defending himself against false charges of misconduct and obstruction of justice, brought onto him by a cabal of conspiratorial opponents, namely, Commissioner (and former Deputy) Sands, former Sheriff Williams, former Deputy Sheriff Absher, aided by an aggressive WBTV News reporter, and a host of other disgruntled allies of theirs, in the court and in law enforcement offices, because they could not get their heir apparent, Absher, appointed to the office. The current legal actions are the culmination of a calculated smear campaign the Sheriff cannot win, even if he eventually wins in Court.

This political assassination is a blight of shame for our county to endure. If justice prevails, the true nature of this lynching will be exposed and Sheriff Buchanan will be exonerated of any wrongdoing. However, damages to his life, his family and an honorable career will follow for years. The mean, self-serving actions of the parties named above will have served their purpose, but Lady Justice will not be pleased.

Donald Nelson

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